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BWC uses BT-Micro™ and Naturopathica products for ALL facials.

The device emits ultrasonic waves to thoroughly exfoliate, decongest, tone and apply serums, creams and vitamins deep into the layers of your skin. We proudly offer a high quality skincare line, Naturopathica previously offered only in East Hampton and NYC.


BWC Signature Facial

Deep clean pores and exfoliate, follow with specific enzyme peel based on your skin type. Nourishing anti oxidant mask and replenishing gel is then applied to ultra hydrate skin. Finish with calendula essential hydrating cream and SPF to protect you throughout the day.
(55 mins) $80.00

Refreshing Break

We’ve abbreviated our Ultimate Signature Facial to pack in all the benefits of a full facial. Excludes extractions.
(30 mins) $50.00

Ultimate Facial for that Special Day

For instant firmer, smoother and radiant skin, the ultimate facial includes LED therapy and microcurrent technology to gently exfoliate, clear and deep hydrate with products designed for your skin type.
(90 mins) $150.00

Pure Results – Anti Aging

Skin conditioning treatment to correct inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging. Begin with exfoliation to sweep away dead surface cells and impurities, followed by a layer of our Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Result in smoother and firmer skin.
(55 mins) $110.00

Bio Lift

Using Naturopathica’s energize and firm collection, this blend of amino acid complex, peptides vitamins and minerals firms, lift and revitalize fatigued and stressed skin.
(55 mins) $100.00

Vitamin C15 Brightening Facial

Featuring a potent antioxidant and botanical extract, Vitamin C15 repair serum is used to reverse the effects of sun damage, age spots and premature aging.
(55 mins) $140.00


Improves skin clarity, soothe inflammation and treats acne prone, congested skin with purifying pumpkin enzyme peel that reduces blemishes and oil control. LED therapy is used to kill bacteria and deep clean pores.
(55 mins) $100.00


A diamond tip wand is used to thoroughly remove damaged layer of skin that will then stimulate collagen and increase elasticity resulting in rejuvenated, younger-looking skin.
(60 mins) $150.00

15% Glycolic Refining Peel

This powerful exfoliating treatment combines Alpha Hydroxyl Acids derived from sugarcane with soothing aloe vera to smooth and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Removes dead skin cells 10-15 cells deep, stimulates regeneration. Prepares skin for enhanced product penetration.
(55 mins) $120.00

LED Therapy*

Red light – promotes collagen production, reduce fine lines and lightens dark spots. Blue light – kills bacteria, controls oil production and treats acne.
(15 mins - 1 light) $30.00
(30 mins - red/blue light) $60.00
(60 mins - red and blue light) $90.00

Microcurrent Facial Lift*

The BT-nano™ Microcurrent System is an effective non-invasive device that uses ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies to engage, lift muscles and tighten skin. Combined with a hydrating Bio Energy Lift Serum, skin is rehydrated and lifted without aggressive treatments.
(60 mins) $140.00
(60 mins of 6. Save over $20.) $699.00

Facial Enhancements

15% AHA Vitamin C infusion  $40
Hi potency skin rejuvenation serum stimulates collagen, brighten complexion, dramatically reduce appearance of fine lines, revealing a luminous complexion.

Eye Contour  $30
Treatment intensive eye treatment to reduce puffiness, under eye discoloration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using BT micro.

Botanical Brightening Serum  $40
Infusion reduces sun spots, hyperpigmentation and restores healthy glow by using BT micro.

Hydrating lip Treatment  $20
Deeply moisturizing treatment designed to gently exfoliate, dry flaky, and leave lips smooth and supple.

Enzyme upgrade to 15% stronger peel    $35
Choose from: 

  • 15% Pumpkin Enzyme. For Normal to oily skin. Formulated for dull, congested skin. Pumpkin enzymes is used for a clear and radiant complexion.
  • 15% Sweet Cherry. For Age defense. Exfoliating peel removes dead skin cells and brightens with botanicals to refine and even out complexion.
  • 15% Pear Fig. For Normal to dry skin. Refining mask exfoliates with pear enzymes and jojoba beads to polish resulting in a glowing complexion.


* LED Series

30 Mins. Session – 1 Light

(30 mins - Series of 6. Save $30) $330.00
(30 mins - Series of 8. Save $40) $440.00
(30 mins - Series of 10. Save $50) $550.00

60 Mins. Session – 2 Lights

(60 mins - Series of 6. Save $30) $510.00
(60 mins - Series of 8. Save $40) $680.00
(60 mins - Series of 10. Save $50) $850.00

* Microcurrent Facial Lift Series

(60 mins - Series of 6. Save over $20.) $699.00